This is where I review some of the apps on my school iPod Touch.
We get to take the iPods home sometimes and play with it.

1. MathTables: It's sort of like Jeopardy because it gives you the answers and you have to figure out the question. Its challenging because you have twelve or fourteen choices and at lest three of them are the right answer. You really have to think about your multiplication tables in this game so I recommend it if you're learning your multiplication tables.

2. Civil War: This game is where you find objects at battle sites and famous places. Afterwards it tells you about the place or battle. This game is real challenging because searching for the objects is hard.

3. Gold Rush: This is a game about a girl who starts digging for gold in mines during the California Gold Rush. On the main menu you can learn about the gold rush. I rate this game five stars, because it's fun and educational.

4. Pac-Man: The original Pac-Man now portable. You choose the controller and then play. It's challenging to avoid the ghosts. I have not made it past the first level. But I keep trying.

5. Oregon Trail: In this game you're a man traveling with his family to Oregon. You learn about how it was when people traveled to Oregon. I lost all the children along the way which was how I didn't do so great in the end. I recommend this game if you like adventures and challenging goals.

6. Bejeweled 2: Play the Classic, Action, or Endless version of Bejeweled 2. Line up at least three jewels to score points. With enough points you make it to the next level. Connect to Facebook and you can play the Blitz version of the game.

7. FS5 Hockey: Play a miniature air hockey game anywhere. Play against a computer or play with a friend wireless or on the same iPod/iPhone.

8. MetaSquares: Make squares and diamonds to get points. Beat the iPod/iPhone to go to the next level.

9. TapTap Revenge: Touch the balls when their in the rings to earn points. This game works on hand-eye coordination. This game is real FUN.

10. Crazy Penguin Catapult: Launch penguins to take out the bears. Save the lead penguin. You can play the game online through a link on William's wiki.(

11. Bookworm: Play this PopCap favorite. Make words to score points and get promotions. Open different books by making words.

12. Action Bowling: Pretend you're iPod/iPhone is a bowling ball and swing it to try and get a strike.

13. BubbleWrap: This game is simple but addictive. Pop bubbles to get on the high score table.

14. Manic Marble: Use the accelerometer control or touchpad to control the ball. Make it to the chessboard to beat the level.

15. TappyTunes: Tap the melody on the screen. At the top sometimes you'll see the lyrics.

16. Doodle Buddy: Draw and put stickers on the screen. Wi-Fi compatible.

17. Aqua Baller: Touch the two buttons to get the balls in the hoop.

18. IQ: Answer questions to find out your IQ.

19. Tower Bloxx Deluxe: Build the city or free play. Drop parts of a building onto each other to earn points.

20. Google Earth: Type in an address to find a satellite image of it.

21. Safari: This is what I call a preloaded app. It's already on the iPod/iPhone when you buy it. Cannot be removed. Go to your favorite websites on the go. Search in Google or Yahoo! to find the info you need.

22. Aqua Baller: Press the buttons to launch balls into the hoops to score points. You are launching balls in water.

23. Band: Play different notes on different instruments with Band.

24. Skee-Ball: Launch balls into little tunnels and earn tickets. With the tickets you can buy stuff.

25. Aqua Punter: Same as Aqua Baller except with footballs and field goals.

26. App Store: The preloaded app store is where you, of course, get all your apps.

27. iTunes: Get movies, music, podcasts, iTunes U, music videos, and TV shows right on your iTouch/iPhone.

28. Maps: Google maps is great, especially on the go. Search for a place, and even get directions to there.