I was going to do this review from the iPad I borrowed, but the keyboard didn't show up.
Did you figure out how to get the keyboard to work? Do you think this is a problem with

I haven't figured it out. I think that maybe it's because you have to first hit edit, and the
iPad doesn't then recognize you can type there.

Now lets talk size and weight.

The size of the iPad is great because it's small but big enough for great
features like HD gaming, a microphone, and watching movies. It's weight
is 1.5 pounds, but feels like less.


iBooks is a great ebook reader app on the iPad when you buy it. The
back-lit display can make it hard to see in the sunlight, but otherwise
it's great, because you can choose text size, font, and more. Also buy
books on the spot.

iTunes and the App Store

The App Store is amazing on the iPad. All the apps on it are made for the
iPad, but it can also lay iPhone/iTouch apps. You can make the app to
iPhone/iTouch size on the screen. iTunes is pretty much the same as
on the iPhone/iTouch.

Movies, TV Shows, and YouTube.

Movies, TV Shows, and YouTube are amazing on the iPad, because the
screen size. You can now also watch in stunning HD, same with apps.


Mal on the iPad is amazing. In landscape view, you can see your mail, and
inbox at the same time. Put multiple mail accounts on it, mail that important
presentation, or mail your friend directions to that new restaurant.


The Safari web browser is amazing on the iPad because of it's large screen. You
can see full websites, zoom in/out, and check out your favorite sites.


Store thousands of photos on the iPad. You can easily keep your photos organized.
Hold your finger over one event or album, and see some photos in it. Double-tap to
open. Great if you have Keynote on your iPad.

Keynote, Numbers, and Pages

  • Having Keynote on the iPad is great. With it's easy-to-use touch interface, you can change
the position of photos, text, and make that presentation for your boss right there. You can also
make a slideshow of your vacation, business trip, etc..
  • Numbers you can create easy to understand charts. See how a student or you improved over
a period of time, show poll results, and compare easily different things. You can do it all in a snap!
  • Pages is a great word document tool. Say you're a student, and you forgot to write your essay.
You just pull out your iPad, quickly write your essay, sent it to yourself, print it out, and turn it in.
It's that simple.


You can easily listen to your audiobooks, podcasts, and music. It's all easily organized, so you can
quickly find your favorite songs, audiobooks, and podcasts. Also listen to iTunes U.

And now a special preview...

...of what the iPad will be like with...

...iOS 4

Ok, iOS 4 is coming out for the iPad in the fall, and it will bring even better mail,
multitasking, folders to organize apps, and 97 other great new features(unless the iPad
already has them). It will also be better for developers, and businesses. To learn more
click here.

Now for my first iPad only app review...

FS5 Touch Hockey Extreme: Have you seen my FS5 Touch Hockey review?
Well it's the same thing except:
  1. New features like choosing your paddle color, and field color.
  2. Play in 3D or look down from the top(which is great in portrait view) or choose auto.
  3. Can't cheat against the computer. Before you could change goal sizes. Now they're the perfect size.

That's all, and I hope you enjoyed this review.

Sitting here presenting to new teachers. Ms. White asked me to test an app on the iPad called SoundPaper.
Here's my review of SoundPaper:

SoundPaper is an app were you can record while typing.
Afterwards you can play the recording, and if you click on
a word you typed it will play what you said when you typed that.
So if your teacher is talking you could type, and record. Missed something?
Just press play, and click on the last word before what you missed. I say
it's a useful app.

"It's our most revolutionary product ever"
-Apple Inc.


Apple sells 1 million iPads 28 days after release.

iPad to be sold in nine more countries.

Apple sells 2 million iPads in less than 56 days.

Apple sells 3 million iPads in 80 days.

Apple sells 15 million iPads in 9 months.

iPad 2 announced.