On this page I review books. You can write your own book reviews on this page if you want to. In the book reviews include what it's about and how much you liked it.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid is about a boy named Greg Heffley who writes in a journal as he calls it. (The journal is actually a diary). In the diary he writes about his life and everything that happens. Greg has two brothers, who both annoy him. His mom and dad treat Manny, his younger brother, like a Prince. Rodrick is Greg's older brother. Rodrick is in a heavy metal band called Löded Diper. The entire series so far is funny. I enjoy the books and hope you enjoy them. Here's a link to the official website wimpykid.com

Hi Nicolas,
My name is Mrs. Lim (@doremigirl), friends of Mrs. Techman and Mrs. White. I agree with you about the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series - they are so funny! Both of my kids (11 and 9) love re-reading them. My first time reading through the first series was in a dental office. My daughter was getting her teeth cleaned and I was waiting in the same room. Since I had nothing to do, I picked up the book she brought to the office and started reading. I was laughing every page and made my daughter very embarrassed! I also like the illustrations. Have you read through all the series?
Here's to happy reading!

Mrs. Lim

Mrs. Lim,

I've read the entire series, and their coming out with a movie and a diary about them making it.


Warriors is about four Clans made up of cats who live in the forest. The cats often have battles for different reasons. I really enjoyed the 6th book in the 3rd series, because it has a lot of exciting parts. There are 4 series already. I enjoy these books a lot. I hope you enjoy these books if you ever read them. To get to the official website, click here.

Hi, Nicolas,
Do you have any of the new graphic novel Warriors books at your library? I have just started to buy them and they look good. They are bound to be popular; graphic novels fly off the shelf! (Not like at Hogwarts, though!)
I'm really enjoying your wiki. We just got iPod Touches at our school and I will definitely be using the app reviews that you and some of your classmates wrote.
thanks so much,
Mrs. Techman

Harry Potter is about a boy who finds out he's a wizard on his 11th birthday. Soon he's going to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. There he becomes part of Gryffindor house, along with his two new friends, Hermione and Ron. They all have a lot of adventures together which you can find out more about in the 7 books. The entire series I enjoy and wish they had more books.

Hi Nicolas,
My name is Mrs. Finter and I work with teachers in a school district near Rochester NY to help them learn about using technology with their students. We saw your wiki referenced in the Will Richardson article, and are really impressed! I also have a son who is 11, and was wondering if there are any other series like Percy Jackson, Harry Potter or 39 clues that he may be "tuned into". He LOVED all of those series, and shares your enthusiasm for the Wimpy Kid books, too.

Thanks for any insight that you can share. :) -Mrs. Finter

Mrs. Finter,

I'm glad that people are still discovering me every day. I read a lot of books (and should write more reviews), and as soon as I finish a book I hope to get started on another I've been meaning to read. Since new books will always be created, I don't think I'll read all the books I want to.

I hope to hear more from you.