The high school here performed the play 'Annie'. It's the story of an eleven-year-old girl named Annie, who was left at an orphanage years ago, and has been living a 'hard knock life'. She's waiting for her parents to come back for her. Sure, 'maybe they're strict, as straight as a line', but she doesn't care as long as they are her's. So she escapes the orphanage to find them. Soon she's back at the orphanage, still without parents. That is until someone representing Mr. Warbucks comes and takes her to live with Mr. Warbucks for a week. Soon she and Warbucks are close friends. Annie soon enjoys herself in 'N.Y.C.', meets the president, and gets new clothes. Mr. Warbucks also finds out Annie possibly has parents coming back for her. So he decides to help her. In the end, Mr. Warbucks adopts Annie, because her parents are dead, and every body can't wait for 'Tomorrow'.

The high school drama department did a great job. One person even shaved his head bald to play the part of Mr. Warbucks (making it all the more real). Overall, great acting, nice voices, and lots of talent!