This message will probably change your life.

I was reading stories on a website my sister showed me.
I saw a link to another website that sounded interesting.

I started reading. This one also had stories on it too.
But these were depressing and sad. They were all
true stories that people wrote, most of them about
people starving, hurting, killing themselves. Why?

Because no one loved them. No one cared for them.

So next time you see someone depressed or lonely, talk
to them. It could save them from themselves. Even if
someone looks happy, they may be hiding their feelings.

You could be the difference between life and death.
There's always a reason to live. Always. You just have to
make it better. Or make it better for someone else. Don't
hurt someone, emotionally, physically, or any other way.

Go save a life. Be nice. Smile.