Once upon a time, there was a magical kingdom by a mystical sea. It was the land of Zob. And of Zob, there were two parts; the upper kingdom, Zob Proper... and the lower kingdom Zob Improper. In Zob proper King Dumb is preparing his daughter, Princess Prince, for the Prince Picking Ceremony. But, the evil Dacron from Zob Improper has other plans for her. Will the princess ever find love or become the next meal for the Clumsy Custard?

Above is a summary of the play. I'm going to tell the story a little more with detail. The story is called The Tale of Zob and I will tell it as I was actually in the play, because audience participation was requested. But now keep reading as I tell the story.

The play starts out with someone playing the director searching for the person telling the story, which comes to life throughout the Henley Middle School cafeteria. The story keeps getting funnier and it's guaranteed to keep you laughing. As the noble and courageous Swashbuck is doing so much to win the princess's heart and stop the evil Dacron. Swashbuck is the master of Fast feet, and whenever he uses them cool music starts playing. My sister played Head, who is actually the king's lost love and also a cheerleader. The story of course ends very happily with everyone full of joy.