Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple Inc., died October 5th, 2011. He died after struggling with pancreatic cancer for 7 years. I, along with many others, thought he was a genius, an innovator, and I am glad to see that he will influence Apple even after his death.

Genius Innovator Friend Reinventing Visionary

Steve Jobs' Last Words: "Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow"

What he was thinking at the time no one knows, but he was looking at his children, wife, and sister while he said this. Did he perhaps realize that he has done some of the greatest things for our modern age? Or did he have some last great idea?

An Inspiration to Me

I wasn't really familiar with Apple until 5th grade, when I started using an iPod Touch on school. I was fascinated, and I wanted to learn more about it. I found out everything I could about Apple, and Steve Jobs. I learned that he developed technologies and made innovations that revolutionized the technological world. He was very creative, and very smart. Even though he dropped out of college, he still managed to found three companies that are very successful. The first, Apple, he created with Steve Wozniak in his garage, which grew to be a billion-dollar company that revolutionizes the world today. The second, NeXT, made a computer so powerful, that it was too expensive to enter the mainstream market. This company was later bought by Apple. The third he bought from George Lucas, and then made popular when it released the first computer-animated movie. This company was Pixar Animation Studios. It was amazing. He made me think of not what we can develop with the technology we have, but what technologies we can make. Even after releasing a product, he and his team would think of how they can make it better. His ideas are also going into the next-generation iPhone, which I am pleased to hear. Even after death, we can still influence the world. Steve was truly an innovator, and very creative. He showed me it doesn't matter what we do, as long as we love it. It's why after being banned from Apple in the 80s, he didn't go and get some job at a store. No, he went and started a new company, and made it bring new technologies to the world. He truly inspired me, and I'm sad I won't see him introduce new iPods, or Macs, or any other product. But the Apple University will teach people to think like him, to go and be innovative, and who knows? Maybe one student will be a legacy like Steve Jobs, innovator, genius, someone who isn't afraid to be different, or doesn't give up when things get hard. That's the kind of person who can go out there and change the world. I hope that I can be like him, no matter what I do.


Here is a version of an Apple commercial that had two versions, this one being narrated by Steve Jobs. The reason for two versions is because it was made after Steve Jobs returning to Apple. They made the two versions, but this one wasn't aired because Steve thought it would be too much about him and wouldn't focus on Apple.

Here's a video created by Apple employees for Steve Jobs 30th birthday. Sadly, he didn't see all of his next 30 years.

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