Here's my true Scripps Spelling Bee story so far.

I hadn't entered the spelling bee in 3rd or 4th grade because I wanted to expand my vocabulary. But now in 5th grade I've entered, and I won first place at my school-wide spelling bee. Then yesterday (3/1/10) at the Albemarle County division I made it to the top eight in a tie-breaker. The first place was my sister's friend. Now I'm going to the Regionals. I'm going to tell the division-wide spelling bee story in more detail, because it was 2 hours of a game of life and death.

The Albemarle County spelling bee was easy and hard. All the contestants had to do a written be that would be used as a tie-breaker. I got out on the word odessey because my mind went blank and then I forgot the last e. I did know how to spell it, but since my mind went blank I got it wrong. Afterwards the words were getting harder and soon two were left. One did win, but they found the previous contestant's word in the dictionary how he spelled it and the correct way. Then it went on, and on, and on until the person who would've won if they hadn't found the word in the dictionary won. Her champion word was the last one in the book with all the words. It was interesting.

I did not win anything at the regional spelling bee. I came out on the word loam. I spelled it lome. That's pretty much it. I'm going to practice for next year's spelling bee. Why? Maybe I'll do better. I can only get farther by being the winner of the regional bee. If I get first I win a trip to Washington D.C.. That's my story.