It's been almost a year since I've posted here. Just wanted to inform you of my Steve Jobs page, and that I'm going to try to update the entire wiki more often.

Sorry for not posting in a long time. Just wanted to say I'm preparing a presentation for an international conference, and will try to post more often.

Ok, first thanks for getting me 870 visits. My Clustermap was having some trouble so I couldn't tell how many visits I had. Second, I wrote an iPad Review, so check it out. I'm today going to the Virginia Safari Park with - wileycres wileycres. Should be fun.

My dad's home for vacation, and in a few hours we're going to Fort Story at Virginia Beach. I'll be back in 4 days on Friday the 9th.

Thanks for getting me over 650 visits.

Thanks for getting me over 550 visits. I'm excited I have so many visitors. Thank you everyone.

Thanks for getting me over 500 visits. Please keep visiting, and tell your friends.

3-1-10 CONGRATULATIONS Nicolas for being one of the top eight and heading to the regional!

Tomorrow I'm competing in the division-wide Spelling Bee. The Top Eight go to the regional. I don't know how many go to the regional one. If I'm lucky I'll make it to the state one. Maybe even the national spelling bee. (I don't believe I will). That's all.

Thanks for getting me 450 visits. I'll be trying to make this wikispace a lot better because it's getting so many visitors.

Thank you all for getting me over 400 visitors. Not much going on except that it looks like (if we're lucky) we only have school once a week, but this week it looks like we may not be having school at all. Who knows?

The Mid-Atlantic blizzard has made Maryland, D.C., and where I live go white. D.C. has over 500,000 people without power last time I checked. Where I live there are strong winds, and I'm officially the craziest person in our subdivision for GOING OUTSIDE INTO THE STORM!!!!! More news will come as this blizzard continues.


12:35 PM: Ok, I got distracted building my compact igloo so I didn't update this page. Anyway, we have almost 2 feet of snow and I'm real cold. That's all.

5:25 PM: It's pretty much stopped snowing. We, my sister, our neighbor, and I now each our own igloos in which we call Snowville. That pretty much ends the snowstorm report for now. Except for the fact this snow is going to last a long time and it's supposed to snow on Tuesday again.

12:00 PM: My family and I just finished the driveway, but the snow is coming down so hard It's pretty much as if we didn't even do the driveway. Everybody else seems to be waiting 'til it's stopped snowing. My mom says better to do a little at a time, because it's harder to do 20+ inches. The snow may have been coming down since 3 AM, but we still didn't wake up to those 20+ inches. This has been snowstorm report.

1:00 PM: I've been inside for the past hour, but I think I'll go outside soon and sled a little. Not much has changed, except it's snowing harder. I'm glad we haven't had power out yet, because I still need to do some things on the computer.

5:00 PM: Snow coming down real heavy now. Power is very likely to go out. This may be the last update for a while. I'm only updating should there be any changes around here. Almost nobody can get out of my subdivision. The temperature is dropping. Everybody was supposed (and all of them have) stocked up on three days of supplies. It's supposed to be snowing 'til Saturday night. By the time they clear the roads it's supposed to snow again on Tuesday. When will this snowstorm-filled Winter end!!!! I'm going crazy. BYE!!!!!!!

6:45 PM: I went crazy before for many reasons. Anyway, my family and I just did our final snow shoveling for the day. Check back tomorrow for an update, and if it hasn't been updated by at least 9:00 AM it means we had a power out or I'm still asleep.

WARNING!!! Crozet, Va and surrounding areas are suppose to be getting 20-28 in. of snow and we might have power outage. In this case, like lately, I won't update this wiki. Should we have power I'll give an hourly update of how much snow we have and what people are doing. This has been a special report.

Thanks for getting me over 300 visitors! I hope you keep coming back, and maybe even tell your friends to check this wiki out. There's not much going on but if anything happens I think should go on here, it will.

Hamlet in German was great and all the students that participated should have a future in acting. Thanks for getting me over 250 visitors. Please check this wiki at lest once a week for any updates.

On Monday and Tuesday I don't have school. On Monday my mom, sister, and I are going to see Hamlet in German at the Blackfriars Playhouse. I'm excited and will write the best review I can of it if I understand it. I'm going to get more information on it to help me understand it. Please add your own news on this page.

Here's a link to my blog. nicolascres.edublogs.org Today I'll write a review of Henley's school play. That's pretty much all I have to say.

I got a edublog so I'll start posting on there soon, but we're having trouble with it. Anyway, I'll start posting on my blog when we fix the problems. I'll still be posting on this wiki, but not as much.

My robot hand broke a little so I have to fix it. I decided I'm going to finish the programming and then make a video. Check back next month for the video. I recently finished making a shed on FabLab ModelMaker. On FabLab you can create a bunch of things using a variety of tools. I'll try and get a picture of it on here soon.
There's a picture of it on crozetdigfab.wikispaces.com. Over the next few days I'll be updating the Hope Community Center page. Please check it out.

I'm having trouble with my robot hand so I can't put up a picture at the time. The program is going to take a while to make because it's hard to create. I wish it would snow because for Christmas I got a new sled, but the snow had been melted by rain. I hope you keep enjoying this page if you do.

I finished my robotic hand. I'll put up a picture later. After I program it I'll put up a video. Today I'm just going to relax. Please post comments in the discussion or under a review, video, and other things.

I'm going to finish my Mindstorms when I come home from school. There's not much else going on so I'll just probably stay inside and relax. It didn't snow here. :(

I don't have lots of homework today unless I get some. I'll start building my robotic hand. I was busy doing homework so I couldn't build it yesterday. I'll put a picture of it on the Lego Mindstorms page. Check back tomorrow. I decided I don't want to see Doctor Faustus.
I'll finish my Mindstorms tomorrow. I have the 1.4, not the 2.0.

Breaking News!
I found out why it's so cold in the United States lately. Winds from the arctic are blowing all over the U.S. causing it to get colder. Also in Crozet we're expecting snow and AM showers.

I'm getting my retainer today. I chose for it to be green. Yesterday I created the Lego NXT Safe page. I'm going to delete it and make a new page called Lego Mindstorms. There I'll put videos, news, and pictures of the Lego Mindstorms RCX, NXT 1.4, and NXT 2.0.

Tomorrow I have a dentist appointment. They're giving me my retainer and, of course, check my teeth. I might build on my Lego Mindstorms NXT Version 1.4. I'm going to make a robotic hand.

Back to School here in Crozet. I'm maybe going to see Doctor Faustus at the Blackfriars Playhouse in Staunton,Va. The story takes place in Germany and I found out about the play and it sounds good.

Tomorrow I'm going back to school and I'm actually sorta glad because I was getting bored. I'm not writing a review of the play The Twelfth Night because I didn't understand most of it. I'm also deciding not to write any movie reviews.

Thank you for getting me over 100 viewers. Tomorrow you will see a review of Alvin and The Chipmunks: The Squeakquel and Twelfth Night because I'm going to see both today.

Happy New Year! Well, I've had this wikispace since the beginning of the school year and I've already had 99 visitors. During this year I will be writing more reviews of books, movies, and maybe some plays at the Blackfriars Theater in Staunton,Va. Keep looking for these and more this year.

It's New Year's Eve. Coming in 2010 to this wikispace are: a review on Henley's production of The Clumsy Custard Horror Show, movie reviews, and more.

I got my braces removed almost a week ago. I'm getting a temporary retainer to make they stay in place. I may have that retainer for a couple of months or a year.
Today I went to Staunton to eat at a Pizzeria but it was closed. We went to the Blackfriars Playhouse and on a tour. We saw them rehearsing Romeo and Juliet, the meeting room, trapdoor and more.

I'm going to see the A Christmas Carol today at the Blackfriars Playhouse today. I read Owen's review and my sister saw it and from what they said it's going to be exciting. I'll write a review when I come back.

It's that time of the year again. Winter Break started here in Crozet on the 21st. My grandparents were going to come but on the way here my grandpa got sick. My dad's in Iraq right now so I'm with my mom and sister for Christmas.