I recently got a blog and it's about things I learn, explore, and do.

I want you to put up suggestions below for what it should be called.
Please put suggestions and tell me where you're from.

Thanks for all your help. I decided I would name it "Nic of Time". Please check it out.

Nicolas- It would help people make suggestions if you gave us more information about what you are interested in. Are you talking about what you are learning in school or outside of school? ("My Life as a Fifth Grader" or "Hobbies and Hoaxes", for example). I am glad to see you want to contribute quality content to the web and applaud your work.

Hey--since you're a citizen of 2 countries and you'll be writing on a mixture of topics, how about something that implies a variety like "A Mixed Bag?"

Hey Nicolas I'm a computer teacher and love to learn about new programs that will help me learn. I love these programs: Scratch, Alice, and Blender. I also like bloging mself at http://zmanrdz.blogspot.com/ I also like to learn more about teaching on twitter. Keep on Learning. How about "Learn for fun."

Nicolas- how exciting that you are starting your own blog. I just recently started mine and I am having a great time. What will you write about? Are there specific topics you are interested in telling us about. I know my son loves all thing science and I love hearing about what he learns. Maybe you can keep us posted on what you learn in school. I am curious about what a 5th grader's school day looks like. What is your schedule? your favorite part of the day? Can't wait to read your blog posts. How about Boy Meets World for a title. Have fun!

Fifth grade is my favorite "grade." I loved it when my kids were both in 5th grade. And, I can hear in your "voice" that you are enjoying 5th grade as well. It is an exciting time, and I sense you are exploring and learning so much.

As everyone else has stated, I do think you should have a title that reflects what we'll find in your writing there. I have a really odd title for my blog but I think it reflects a lot about me and my writing. I'm not sure I agree with the others above on titles. Why? Because this blog, if you really get into it, might carry forward beyond 5th grade and beyond "boyhood." I"d love to see something original and unique to you. Btw, to answer your question above: I am from Atlanta, GA. And, since you are in C'ville, you must be a UVA fan. If so, I DON"T wish you luck in basketball today. I went to Wake Forest (and my sister went to UVA), and we've got a big game today...go Deacs! ;-)

Hi Nicolas, I've heard that blog names should be slightly mysterious. They shouldn't tell you exactly what the blog will be about but they should catch your interest. The advantage of that is the title might intrigue people enough to make them visit your blog and then your good writing can reel them in. It also gives you the flexibility to cover more topics. For example, one of my favorite bloggers, Clarence Fisher, lives in Snow Lake, Canada which is 500 miles north of the US border. He calls his blog Remote Access which could be a reference to his location, but it also could be about how he uses technology to expand the walls of his classroom. So, since I don't know much about you, I can't suggest a good title, but I hope my suggestions help. Here in Singapore, we are just setting up our Edublogs accounts so we can start blogging with fifth graders. Quite a coincidence, ay?

Hi Nicolas, I'm excited to see you looking to crowdsource your idea, or at least gather ideas. Have you given any thought to creating a survey around names you like and then letting us choose our favorite? My name suggestion, for what it's worth is, "Nic of Time Blog". I look forward to continuing to read your blog and learning journey. ~ Michael Wacker

Hi Nicolas, I am from Virginia but I have been a lot of places. I used to teach in Albemarle County but then I moved to Phnom Penh, Cambodia and this year I'm traveling around the world. Right now, I'm in Barcelona, Spain. I hope there's a new dot on your ClustrMap from me! I like two-word phrases that are silly and rhyme. Like when I teach math, I like to say Operation Station, but sometimes it's fun to make up one of the words. So I'd like something like "Nix Picks." Those are my two cents. Good luck! -Jennie Buechner