On this page I put photos, videos, and news about the Lego Mindstorms RCX, NXT 1.4 and 2.0.

A safe with 30 Liter storage area. I think it's really cool. Post a comment below.

Awesome Rubik's cube solver. Uses the color sensor.

RCX robot changes CDs. Pretty Cool!!!

Aircraft company that uses 25 RCX bricks*, and 73 motors.
2,000 hours to build!

*A brick is the brain of a Mindstorms robot.

A robot that does portrays.

A robot doing a sudoku puzzle

Description (copied from Youtube): First of all: I didn't pay for all this myself! The MindStorms phenomenon had it's 10 year anniversary recently and through my involvement with MindStorms I was encouraged to do a new music video. The materials were borrowed on the condition that the MindStorms team could use the result it if they wanted too. The "band" is inspired by another YT featured robot band called "the Trons" and this is the LEGO version of it. The melody the robots - and me dressed in NXT colours - are playing is called "the NeXT blues". Please note the lights in the keyboard. I though about making a semi-circular keyboard like J.M.Jarre's. But it's hard to make a circular interface from square bricks....

A cool pencil sharpener!

Let's take off into adventure!

Computer vs. Human

We need more of these in real life.

Now it just needs a body!

Maybe it will make the next world record.

He shoots, he scores!

This idea didn't go down the toilet.

Up, Up, and away!

These should be in Legoland.

Now just add two ping-pong playing robots.

Rock, Paper, Scissors!

Just keep moving along.

Dodge the barrels, and save the princess!