The Hope Community Center is a program helping people in need in Charlottesville,Va.

They help kids, the homeless, and people who had to come here for different reasons. I'll tell you more about their center and different things they do on this page.

Hope 4 Kids

Hope 4 Kids is an after school program free to the 10th and Page community and offers a structured environment assisting the children with both social, and academic skills. It offers free transportation from Venable Elementary School to the center.
Between the hours of 3:00 and 5:20 PM the center has one on one tutoring, a daily snack, and kid friendly programming. In this environment, Ms. Sharon Seeley highly believes in child-led learning.
Ms. Sharon Seeley serves as a member of Venable's PTO. She meets with the Principal, and also sits in for lunch with the children at the school.
The after school program pulls tutors from across the Charlottesville community. Tutors come from UVA, Madison House, Day in the Life, and Battle Ground Faith, as well as parents from the 10th and Page neighborhood. Over 40 students were enrolled at hope in the 2008-2009 school year.

Hope 4 Refugees

The Hope Community Center currently works with refugees coming to Charlottesville for different reasons. They come from multiple countries that include: Burma, Bhutan, Thailand, Togo, Congo, Sudan, Libya, Burundi, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Russia, El Salvador and Mexico.
The center's objective is to help refugees and immigrants in Charlottesville to overcome language barriers. Six months after I was born in Germany my dad was stationed in Texas and we moved there. My first language was English, and when my dad was stationed in Germany again. I went to a German kindergarten but I didn't speak German. I still understood what they were saying, and like how a baby hears words and eventually is able to speak them, I learned how to speak German. But as if I was Chinese I couldn't pronounce the r. Anyway, I learned how to pronounce the r eventually. Ok, so back to the center and how they help refugees. They offer ESL ( English as a second language) courses and help with acclamation to the American system. They also help all all to become self-sufficient and independent.

Facts about Hope 4 Refugees

Since December 2008, Hope has provided clothing and furniture to more than 3,000 people in need.
In 2009 Hope has taught ESL to more than 200 refugees.

Hope Village

Hope Village provides a safe haven for homeless people in Charlottesville. It provides hot breakfast, computer time, help with resumes, tutoring in academic subjects, getting involved in athletics, and art programs. It mainly provides a home base, a greater sense of stability, and foundation to rebuild you, and your family.