Destination Imagination is a creative problem-solving team challenge. Every year, teams form, choose a challenge, and work hard. If team members are very young, and have never done this before, they have to do a special challenge (a very easy challenge probably). Now, let's listen to my DI story.

Last year in 5th grade, Stuart ( - stuartcres stuartcres ) asked me to join him on a DI team next year. I said yes. So in 6th grade, Stuart, I, and some of our friends formed a team. We chose our challenge, and Stuart wrote a script for the play we had to do. We worked on ideas for costumes (the coolest was the spider costume). We made props, practiced, goofed off, and definitely had a BLAST! (Okay, maybe not all of us). On the day of the competition, we did great in the instant challenge, our play was the funniest (and you could actually hear us). But, the tower my friend had held failed. And the tower counts for most of our points, and pretty much decides whether we move on or not.

I'm entering next year again, and now we've all learned how to do better. Maybe we will move on. Maybe not. Guess we'll find out next year.

It's time for DI again. This time, our team has changed slightly. The person who built the tower is gone this time, and to replace him (maybe not as the person to build a tower, if we choose that challenge) who has knowledge of what happens at the global competition and also has some great ideas. Please stay tuned for as the story unfolds.