Twice my sister, mom, and I have saved animals. Here are the stories that will tell more about those rescues. Please comment in the discussion at the top. Post your own stories of how you saved animals in any kind of way.

Save the Goslings 1/10/10

by Nicolas
"There are goslings in the driveway!" I yelled to my sister.
About 1 1/2 years ago my sister, mom, and I saved three goslings. I found them in the driveway and told my sister and she told our mom. My sister had to save them from our cat. Our mom put them in a big cardboard box and in the screen porch. She watch them almost all night and then my sister did because she could hear them. I was sound asleep when all this happened. We decided to name them Peepsy, who was peeping a lot and was sort of the leader, Albert, because he was smart, and Clumsy, who was quite clumsy. Two days later we brought them to the VA Wildlife Center. They got released a long time ago. But the VA Wildlife Center has done very good jobs saving and nurturing animals. They have even saved a bear who got hit by a train. To find out more about the center, click here.

Deer in Lake 1/10/10

by Nicolas
Today my mom spotted a deer in one of two lakes at Mint Springs Park. It was lying on it's side trying to get up or grab onto something and pull herself up. My sister and I told mom to call someone, but her reception wasn't good there. She found someone else and borrowed their cell phone and wanted to call the Wildlife Center but got hold of 911 instead. They meanwhile wanted to go over to where it was and try and help it. We told them it might get scared or panic and drown or go farther into the lake. The police came and told us they had to save it yesterday. It might have a disease where it wants to go to water. We left when the police came, but they are going to bring the deer to the Wildlife Center so it doesn't happen again.